Our possibilities to design a board for you are manifold. From a natural board with a fine finish, to a varnished board and finally a board with individual brand engraving, ropes as floor protection and clear varnish, a lot is possible.


We offer you the board in two sizes:

The standard board with the dimensions of approx. 20cm x 30cm x 100cm (HxWxD)

The 20% wider Big-Foot-Board with the circa dimensions of 21cm x 37cm x 101cm (HxWxD).

Each of these boards can take a load of at least 140kg, or even more.

Price overview:


Big-Foot Board

Naturboard (untreated) with fine sanding, without floor protection

89 Euro

109 Euro

Naturboard (untreated) with fine sanding and floor protection rope (colour selectable)

104 Euro

129 Euro

Painted board (color selectable) without bottom protection

104 Euro

129 Euro

Painted board (colour selectable) and floor protection rope (colour selectable)

114 Euro

139 Euro

Name engraving

10 Euro

10 Euro

Almost all engravings can now be brought into the board by machine. If this is not possible or the engraving is only possible by hand, we will let you know.

Our prices are pick-up prices.

If you need a shipping, the following flat rates will be charged:

-Germany 5.99 Euro

-Austria, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain (mainland), Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden 15.99 Euro

-No shipping to Switzerland.    

A collection in Duisburg Mündelheim is only possible after arrangement!

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